Freedom, Friends… and late mornings. Liberté, fraternité… grasse matinée
– this sums up what weekends mean to us…

…actually, not just us. Early on in this winemaking adventure, Karen collected me from Narbonne train station for the annual tour of our partner wineries – a hard week of tasting, blending and bottling.

In the car was her daughter, Mathilde. I turned to her and asked her what le weekend means to her. Without hesitation she replied: “Seeing my friends and sleeping in!”

And so was born our slogan, which borrows with respect from the most famous and powerful of political mottos – Liberté, Fraternité, ´Egalité – guiding ideals we believe in – although, we can’t help thinking a late morning, every now and again, snuggled up in bed is similarly essential to progress and political stability.